Le ricette di Pellegrino Artusi

Ricette Tradizionali

Pellegrino Artusi was an Italian businessman and writer, best known as the author of the cookbook "La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiar bene" (1891) (“Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well”), considered The Italian Cooking Manual.

He was born in Emilia Romagna, but he spent most of his life in Florence, Tuscany.

Still today the volume counts a great number of editions and widespread diffusion. It collects 790 receipts, from broth to liqueurs, passing through soups, hors-d’ouvres (or well “beginners”), second dishes and cakes. Any chef, in Italy, has learnt from that book.

We’ll publish every week a recipe from Arts’s book, to let you know, as he said, the Italian art of eating well.


Ragù di carne

It is a white sauce based on veal that has the particularity of being blended with the broth...


Minestra del Paradiso

Take two bowls. Put the egg whites and nutmeg into one and whip until stiff. Pour into the second bowl...

Olive oil is a major component of the Mediterranean diet.

The Tuscan Maremma, in addition to its landscapes and its ancient culture, is also famous for its dishes, simple but rich in flavours, paired with excellent wines, also produced in the area. Typical Maremma cuisine is still linked to ancient origins, and thanks to its location, it offers landfood and seafood dishes, based on game and fish. Among the typical products of this land, oil, wines, cured meats, cheeses, chestnuts certainly stand out.

Here we suggest some excellent recipes from our traditional cuisine.



In a container, pour one and a half liters of cold water. Then soak the bread...


Fagioli all'uccelletto

In a large-bottomed pan, fry a clove of garlic with plenty of oil, pour the Cannellini beans...

A diet that incorporates healthy fats, such as those included in the Mediterranean diet, can improve heart health and weight loss.